{Love stories} Inspired by Ian & JiaMin

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

I remember the first time ever sitting in his car, and finding out that he's secretly a badass, thrill-seeking mat rempit.I think that was the moment I was smitten - hearing him talk about his mischievous rempit stories with so much excitement.


I remember the first time going on a bike with him. It was one random evening after work, he waited for me at the train station with an extra helmet in his hand. I remember that day like it was yesterday.I ride more often with him these days, but I always remind myself never to take the familiarity of hugging him from the back with wind blowing on our faces for granted.Macho as he may be, he tells people that when I get my bike license, he'll be the one sitting behind and holding my waist.

I know there are plenty of bikers out there, but I am sure meeting him was a divine appointment. He awakened so many dreams within me that I've never had courage to pursue; and one of which was of course, to get a motorcycle license myself.9 months later (just yesterday!), I finally passed the JPJ test. And I know, soon, we will be exploring hidden alleys and undiscovered paths together by bike.


Seeing the dreams in each other's hearts, calling it out, pushing each other towards it, being there through long nights, giving hugs when the other person wants to give up and cheering loudly at the finish line.That's what we'll always do for each other.

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