{Love stories} Inspired by Catherine & Kevin

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Best weekend together: The best weekend together was when we went up to Genting Highlands to take a ride on the cable car and then just hanging around, taking pictures. We even cooked and did a mini car picnic. It was simple but it was everything for us because time spent together is precious especially when we have busy schedules. Favourite Memory Together: Late night car drives together, talking about anything and everything, we sing songs in the car. Getting ice cream from McDonalds and enjoying our alone time with sweet dessert. Dates at the mall, I would dare him to do things which he was never afraid of doing, for example, saying ‘hello’ to 10 random strangers or talking to a mannequin.

Insider jokes that only two of you understand: Once, we were coming back from the mall and we were listening to some music. So, the song ‘I Can Feel Your Heartbeat’ popped up and I was having a really bad tummy ache. I was leaning on his shoulder. So, while the song was playing, I had to let go some air and it smelled so terrible that he wind down all the windows and was just trying to gasp for clean air! Lol! From that moment, whenever the song pops up, he would look at me and give me the look of asking me if I was gonna silent attack him another time!

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